2008 Winner Profile

State of Alabama

Project Description:
The state of Alabama deployed many systems to to improve e-government services delivered to citizens of Alabama in the areas of education, business transactions and Alabama government operation. The projects implemented as part of Gov. Bob Riley's "Plan for Change" include GIS technology for viewing a virtual Alabama and getting infrastructure data in a visualization tool networking and video conferencing technology for distance learning and 130 online e-government services delivered through the Alabama.gov portal. Among the benefits, in 2007, 64 percent of home-builder licenses were renewed online with the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. In June 2007, the Alabama Department of Revenue had 336 users file for tax extensions online, which resulted in payments totaling more than $7.2 million, compared with 49 users filing $804,000 in payments in 2006.
Project type:
E-Business, E-mail/Messaging, Video Conferencing
Business Functions:
Asset Management/Maintenance, Customer service/support, IT operations
Business Goal:
Bob Riley, Governor
Montgomery, Ala.
Revenue (2007):
$17.5 billion
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