2008 Winner Profile

Toyota Canada

Project Description:
Toyota Canada implemented a program to improve customer service using a new customer case management system. The system tracks customer information, including product ownership, service history and complaints. Dealers, manufacturing operations, the financing company and customers all have access to the system through an appropriate portal. When a customer complains about a service issue at the dealership, the dealer uses the system to log the event and alerts Toyota's customer interaction center (CIC). If the customer later calls the CIC and if the complaint is related to a vehicle problem, the call-center representative can call up the customer's vehicle service history and assess the problem. Among the results: The company has reduced by as much as 20 percent the time it takes to investigate customer problems, as well as the need for follow-up calls.
Project type:
BPM, CRM, Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Sales, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
Yochi Tomihara, President & CEO
Revenue (2007):
$6.0 billion
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