2008 Winner Profile

Tucson Electric Power

Project Description:
Tucson Electric Power reinvented its data center, using VMware to virtualize 95 percent of its Windows-based servers. To manage backups for disaster recovery, the utility created a script using Symantec's NetBackup to take a snapshot of a volume comprising between four and six virtual machines. The company then used SnapVault to send a read-only copy of the data over 1Gbps fiber to the primary disaster recovery site. The organization has reduced the time it takes for backup and recovery and avoided purchasing additional NetBackup licenses and a server. In addition, it no longer has to wait to schedule backups during off-hours. The innovative use of SnapVault for NetBackup scripts to resulted in a savings of $200,000.
Project type:
Network, Storage, Virtualization
Business Functions:
Asset management/maintenance, Customer service/support, IT operations
Business Goal:
James Pignatelli, Chairman, President & CEO
Tucson, Ariz.
Revenue (2007):
$1.07 billion
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