2008 Winner Profile

Vanguard Group

Project Description:
Vanguard deployed its Digital Communication Initiative in order to transform the mutual fund provider into a digital media company. Vanguard took advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to translate its printed financial education content into multimedia. The project, involving at least 15,000 man hours, includes a website redesign experimentation with making content viral and portable through RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, and use of YouTube and iTunes evaluation of the use of online communities and a customer personalization project. So far, customers have downloaded 700,000 podcasts, Web articles get 300,000 views per month, and the company has created 40 Web videos.
Project type:
Knowledge Management, Databases, Search
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
John Brennan, Chairman and CEO
Wayne, Pa.
Financial Services
Revenue (2007):
$2.1 billion
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