2009 Winner Profile

Best Buy

Project Description:
Best Buy launched its Subscription Software service, changing a one-time purchase of software into a subscription model in which customers receive on-going support and software updates throughout their subscription. By scanning each software boxs unique barcode at purchase to catalogue the subscription, Best Buy links physical sales with digital subscription management capabilities. Offering a flexible contract that can be cancelled at any time without penalty, Best Buy makes the subscription purchase flexible, providing four payment options. In the first 12 weeks after launching Subscription Softwares launch, Best Buy sold subscriptions to more than 225,000 customers. The service is available at 1,017 Best Buy stores nationwide.
Project type:
CRM, Architecture
Business Functions:
Accounting & finance, Sales , Customer service/support
Business Goal:
Brad Anderson, Vice Chairman & CEO
Richfield, Minn.
Revenue (2008):
$40.0 billion
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