2009 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Lifespan deployed a system to log all patient tests and treatments, particularly those related to CT scans, in order to identify patients who have had a high exposure to ionized radiation emitted during such scans. Ionized radiation causes cancer, and the information helps doctors make decisions regarding future scans for patients. Lifescan says that in an eight-week period, more than 5 percent of intended scans were eliminated because of the reports. Data stored in Lifespan's Decision Support System revealed that more than 7 percent of patients had received doses of ionizing radiation sufficient enough to raise their chances of developing cancer and that they should not receive further CT scans.
Project type:
BI, Databases
Business Functions:
Research & development/product development, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
George Vecchione, President & CEO
Providence, R.I.
Health Care
Revenue (2008):
$1.5 billion
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