2009 Winner Profile

Old Dominion Freight Line

Project Description:
Phase two of the Dock Yard Management System moves freight more effectively across a shipping dock using weight-sensitive forklifts equipped with informational dashboards. While the forklift operator is processing the freight by scanning the package, weighing it and following the handling instructions the system generates, updates are sent to the dashboards. Supervisors use the dashboards to determine worker productivity and identify potential issues at the dock. These constant updates allow supervisors to pinpoint productivity and quality issues in real time rather than waiting for reports the next day. Since the installation of the dashboards, Old Dominions labor to revenues ratio continues to improve.
Project type:
Mobile, SCM
Business Functions:
Supply chain/logistics, Order processing/fulfillment
Business Goal:
David Congdon, CEO
Thomasville, N.C.
Revenue (2008):
$1.5 billion
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