2009 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Pfizer launched a voice-directed order picking solution within a regulated and validated pharmaceutical environment. Warehouse workers wear a lightweight, battery-powered device that connects to a Wi-Fi network, through which they can hear verbal commands that direct them to the location of a product. Pfizer says the system has reduced pick errors by 57 percent, which reduces the quantity of orders being returned. It has also saved 10 percent of costs due to overtime and reduced training time by 50 percent. Workers achieve maximum speed and productivity in four weeks rather than two months.
Project type:
BPM, SCM, Mobile
Business Functions:
Inventory management , Supply chain/logistics, Order processing/fulfillment
Business Goal:
Jeffrey B. Kindler, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Pfizer Inc.,
NY, N.Y.
Health Care
Revenue (2008):
$48.3 billion
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