2009 Winner Profile

Reliance Life Insurance Company

Project Description:
The insurer launched its Life Line portal to provide a one-stop-shop where customers can investigate insurance plans, manage a portfolio, and access online business dashboards, among other capabilities. By deploying a service-oriented architecture, Reliance is able to offer online plan management with features such as fund switches and address changes in almost real-time. Stakeholders also receive automated notices, receipts and policy documents in support of the companys paper-free Green initiative. With 24/7 customer service and a 400 percent increase in portal usage, the portal has reduced customer queries and, the company reports, has provided nearly $770,000 in costs savings in its first year.
Project type:
Collaboration, BPM, CRM
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
Strategic/Competitive advantage
P Nandagopal, CEO
Revenue (2008):
$573 million
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