2009 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Scotiabank's Branch Technology Refresh project replaced approximately 90 percent of the installed infrastructure in 1,150 retail branch locations across Canada. In 130 work days, more than 200 people coordinated the refresh of 45,000 devices and 35,000 LAN connections. Members of the virtual team, connected via a central command center, visited each location twice to implement the refresh, reducing problem logs, PC reboots and the number of devices required in each branch. The refresh has saved $1.2 million annually in printing costs and $3 million in one-time execution costs. The company also projects a revenue increase due to the new technology of $1.95 million within five years.
Project type:
Operating Systems, Infrastructure, Collaboration
Business Functions:
Sales, Customer service/support, IT operations
Business Goal:
Rick Waugh, President & CEO
Toronto, Ontario
Financial Services
Revenue (2008):
$11.53 billion
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