2009 Winner Profile


Project Description:
The life science and technology company developed Your Favorite Gene, a search engine for locating genetic research data. Researchers and students can search by gene, protein, function, disease, species, tissue or pathway to access a range of previous research findings and biological information including molecular functions, cell regulation, protein domains and metabolic and signaling pathways. Researchers can use the search engine to model and evaluate prospective experiments by finding information about previous experiments. In this way, users can avoid repetitive research. Since the tool was launched in December 2008, search results have reportedly increased by 183 percent, and sales through the search results page have increased 738 percent.
Project type:
Collaboration, Document Management
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales, Customer service/support
Business Goal:
Strategic/Competitive advantage
Jai Nagarkatti, CEO
St. Louis, Mo.
Health Care
Revenue (2008):
$2.2 billion
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