2009 Winner Profile

Chester County Hospital

Project Description:
Chester County Hospital used Business Process Management to automate processes such as patient evaluation, medical record documentation and clinician notification. The hospital claims to be among the first patient care organizations to apply BPM to health care delivery. For example, the hospital has reduced nurses' workloads by eliminating the need for them to manually send 354,000 text pages to the in-house beeper system and 160,000 text-to-speech telephone calls. The hospital reports care providers now have more time to focus on patient care. One result: The rates of infections that patients acquire in the hospital has dropped by as much as 60 percent.
Project type:
BPM, BI, Databases
Business Functions:
Clinical care process management
Business Goal:
Perry Pepper, President & CEO
West Chester, Penn.
Health Care
Revenue (2008):
$190 million
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