2009 Winner Profile

XO Communications

Project Description:
XO Communications launched a bandwidth-based pricing system, eliminating pricing based on the number of voice lines in use. Customers select an Internet port speed from 1.5 to 45 megabits per second and can customize their calling plans and add additional features. Since the project launched in January 2008, XO has increased year-over-year Internet sales by 9 percent with a 5 percent increase in customer spending. In the 2008 third quarter alone, XO reports a 25 percent increase in data and Internet services revenue.
Project type:
CRM, VoIP, Web Services
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales, Order processing/fulfillment
Business Goal:
Strategic/Competitive advantage
Carl Grivner, CEO
Herndon, Va.
Revenue (2008):
$1.43 billion
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