2010 Winner Profile

Amerisure Mutual Insurance

Project Description:
The company virtualized its entire IT environment to get away from a mix of systems that made administration a headache and updating a nightmare. While data center virtualization garners most of the attention in the industry, Amerisure believed that desktop virtualization would result in an agile infrastructure that could be used anytime and anywhere. The company centralized and consolidated its applications using Citrix XenApp and replaced 800 PCs with 850 virtual clients from Wyse Technologies. The move to virtual clients saved Amerisure $1.9 million compared to the cost of PCs last year. By reduceding the number of its servers from 145 five years ago to 60 physical servers hosting 250 virtual servers, it saved an additional $750,000. Software updates are much faster, taking as little as 10 minutes. The project is expected to save $8.5 million over five years.
Project type:
Desktop Virtualization, Server virtualization
Business Functions:
IT operations
Business Goal:
Frank Petersmark, VP of IT
Richard Russell, CEO
Farmington Hills, Mich.
Revenue (2009):
$531 million
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