2010 Winner Profile

Centocor R&D

Project Description:
This subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson created tranSMART, a data warehouse entirely hosted in Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). It brings together R&D data from a variety of sources, allowing information to cross boundaries between scientific disciplines, development phases and business groups. The tranSMART warehouse takes data from across the entire research organization and puts it in the hands of scientists supporting translational medicine, which analyzes research from the laboratory to help create safer and more effective clinical trials. Started in the summer of 2008 and built over 18 months, the data warehouse adds role-based security to control access to the data. More than 150 users have already been trained on the system, which has been queried 2,000 times in last six months.
Project type:
Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Research & development/product development
Business Goal:
Strategic/Competitive Advantage
Karan Sorensen, CIO & VP of IT
Paul Stoffels, Global Head Pharmaceutical R&D
Radnor, Penn.
Health Care
Revenue (2009):
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