2011 Winner Profile

International Business Machines

Project Description:
To support its mobile workers, IBM created WhirlWind, an online store for delivering corporate smartphone applications to 400,000 employees. Completed in late 2010, the store lets the IBM workforce propose, vet and deliver almost 500 mobile apps in a secure environment using a specially created mobile client. Currently, only Blackberry devices are officially supported, but Apple and Android solutions are being piloted as well. By crowdsourcing reviews, tagging and metrics gathering, the store's customer base influences its content while also providing feedback for internal developers that can help improve their products. IBM's WhirlWind team implemented the store using the company's technologies, while the company's agile development process allowed teams around the world to work on the project around the clock.
Project type:
Enterprise architecture, Mobile/wireless, Security
Business Functions:
Research & development/product development, Sales
Business Goal:
Jeanette Horan, VP & CIO
Samuel J. Palmisano, Chairman, President & CEO
Armonk, N.Y.
Business/Management Services
Revenue (2010):
$99.9 billion
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