2011 Winner Profile

NBC News

Project Description:
NBC launched a website that allows customers to search and view footage, clip and purchase video content online by credit card, and download the content in a variety of formats. The archive covers more than 1 million hours of footage from NBC properties, including NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC Entertainment, Universal Studios, Universal Pictures, Telemundo, NBC Photobank and The Weather Channel. Previously, sales of this footage were handled manually. Customers can use the content for educational purposes, in museums, and for documentaries, feature films or television. The library includes content not available elsewhere, including footage of the John F. Kennedy family, war video and unique interviews. The pricing process is dynamic and can handle more than 600 different pricing scenarios. As a result of the new site, the costs for delivering content to customers has been reduced, and the company expects increased market share.
Project type:
Content/document management
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Michael Fabiano, VP of Strategic Initiatives
Steve Capus, President
New York, N.Y.
Revenue (2010):
$16.9 billion
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