2012 Winner Profile

Continuum Health Partners

Project Description:
Continuum Health Partners partnered with ProcessProxy Corp. to implement Healthcare Smartgrid to help clinical care providers give more targeted and timely care, thereby producing better clinical outcomes. Healthcare Smartgrid collects data from multiple real-time data streams and batch reports sent by Continuum Health Partners, and it then uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive meaningful data points from the data sources. It also employs predictive analytics, which use the data points to predict which clinical diagnoses, medical situations or potential risks are likely for admitted patients. These patient profiles enable clinical care providers to identify and determine in advance a list of action items, giving providers earlier notice of potential situations, which can then be addressed more quickly to help avoid problems and complications. The end resultmore timely targeted clinical care interventionsimproves the quality of patient care, team efficiency and patient safety.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Human Resources, Customer Service and Support
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact or Competitive Advantage
Mark Moroses, SVP & CIO
Stanley Brezenoff, Corporate CEO
New York, N.Y.
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
Revenue (2011):
$2.32923291 billion
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