2012 Winner Profile

GE Water & Process Technologies

Project Description:
TrueSense® is a knowledge-management platform that enables remote monitoring and diagnostics of critical customer assets. The GE Water & Process Technologies launched this cloud-based, customer-facing IT software platform to help customers, such as site managers at refineries and power plants, achieve asset optimization and lower operating costs. The fee-based service remotely collects data and uses data visualization and analytics to monitor GE customers' asset performance, measure conditions, configure alarms and alerts for events, and illustrate trends to help prevent unplanned maintenance. It uses advanced data visualization techniques to provide a simple, intuitive and interactive user experience that helps customers and service engineers see vast amounts of information in a clear and actionable way. GE Water & Process Technologies views TrueSense® as a competitive differentiator that's expected to increase customer retention and further enhance the company's relationships with customers.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing Services or Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile or Wireless
Business Functions:
Asset Management and Maintenance, R&D and Product Development, Sales
Business Goal:
Vince Campisi, CIO
Heiner Markhoff
Trevose, Pa.
Revenue (2011):
$43.0 billion
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