2012 Winner Profile

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

Project Description:
HBA Leadership Online is a multifaceted service that offers live webcasts, blogs, text chats, teleconferences, confidential coaching sessions, and rooms to store content. The projects purpose is not only to provide education, but also to foster networking and create a community in the way that the groups in-person leadership meetings do. With this goal in mind, HBA built on existing Unisfair virtual event technology to create an environment that provides the look and feel of a meeting at a luxury hotel. The group decided to eliminate avatars or other characters, allowing participants to fully envision themselves in the environment. This required a lot of creative alterations to the original software, but it paid off. HBA reports that its virtual environment sets its programs apart from the usual online training. Having this online learning center lets HBA reach audience members who are unable to attend its in-person events, and because these are members-only offerings, it supports recruitment and retention as well. Estimated time to payback is 1 to 6 months.
Project type:
Collaboration Tools, Videoconferencing or Telepresence
Business Functions:
Human Resources, R&D and Product Development, Marketing
Business Goal:
Yvonne D'Amelio, COO
Laurie Cooke, CEO
Fairfield, Pa.
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
Revenue (2011):
$5 million
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