2012 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Informatica created a dynamic website and form personalization to generate better leads and improve conversions from its website. The system allows the companys marketers to tag content directed at specific industries. When a visitor from a targeted industry accesses the site, he or she is shown content relevant to that industry. The content owners control the business rules about who sees what content. In addition, when visitors fill out a lead-generation form, it is pre-populated with information from Informaticas customer database, as well as with information extrapolated from the visitors IP address. Visitors can change the information if needed. Informatica obtains better, more detailed information from its leads, and visitors to the site see the content theyre most interested in. As a result of this project, the company has seen 100 to 200 percent improvement in lead conversions, for an estimated payback time of 7 to 12 months.
Project type:
Content or Document Management, Customer Service or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Tony Young, SVP & CIO
Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman & CEO
Redwood CIty, Calif.
Computer Software
Revenue (2011):
$780 million
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