2012 Winner Profile

Intel Corp.

Project Description:
When Intel decided to allow its 99,000 employees to use their own devices for work, a universal policy and approach was needed. The company is building a scalable model that can adjust permissions depending on the individual employee, the application and device he or she wishes to use, and eventually based on location. An employee wishing to use a device at work signs an online service agreement that allows Intel to protect the device, requires employees to use passwords and encryption, and allows the company to wipe the device if it's lost or stolen. At the end of 2011, about 17,000 employees had begun bringing their own devices, and Intel expects that 70 percent of its workforce will eventually use the program. Since employees typically report 50 minutes per day in productivity gains from using their own devices, the company projects productivity gains worth about $177 million in 2012.
Project type:
Mobile or Wireless, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Customer Service and Support, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Kim Stevenson, VP & CIO
Paul Otellini, President & CEO
Santa Clara, Calif.
Computer Hardware
Revenue (2011):
$54.0 billion
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