2012 Winner Profile

Raytheon Co.

Project Description:
Raytheon's Integrated Product and Supplier Sourcing (iPASS) intelligent business decision-enabling system improves a complicated business process of finding approved spare parts quickly and efficiently. Because its organization was so complex, Raytheon needed a system with the intelligence to search its parts databases and look into several other business systems to find the appropriate part from a preferred supplier. Raytheon integrated its mainframe, Oracle, and SQL Server databases and an external third-party subscription service into one system, accessed via a portal and used by all divisions supporting the process lifecycle for parts. By combining all the data sources into one system, iPASS lets users quickly access the correct information among tens of millions of data records. Armed with the correct data, users can instantly make informed product decisions, streamlining the product lifecycle management process. The system allows Raytheon to cut costs and pass those savings on to its customers.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
R&D and Product Development, Inventory Management, Supply Chain and Logistics
Business Goal:
Rebecca Rhoads, VP & CIO
William Swanson, Chairman & CEO, Raytheon Company
Waltham, Mass.
Aerospace or Defense Contractor
Revenue (2011):
$25.0 billion
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