2012 Winner Profile

State of Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology

Project Description:
Siloed data at Colorado's various agencies caused redundancies and inefficiencies throughout the states government. The Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) was begun in November 2011 to create a central exchange where agencies can both access and publish information. CIM also increases transparency by giving improved data access to all Colorado citizens. Other benefits include the ability to link data about citizens, businesses and locations that comes from multiple databases, and for government entities to create their own Web services using the data. Access is role-based, so privacy and security are preserved. CIM also makes anonymous aggregated data (such as medical information that would otherwise be constrained by HIPAA) available for research and education. The state used Socrata cloud-based Open Data system and Informatica for data integration on this project, and estimates time to payback at 1 to 6 months.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing Services or Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
R&D and Product Development, Customer Service and Support, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Kristin Russell, Secretary of Technology & State CIO
John Hickenlooper, Governor
Denver, Colo.
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
Revenue (2011):
$135 million
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