2013 Winner Profile

Allrecipes.com, Inc.

Project Description:
Allrecipes.com is managing its Web traffic using F5 devices by offloading content to optimize server performance. This enables the recipe site to serve millions of visitors per hour while also being able to scale up to accommodate seasonal traffic spikes, such as the record-breaking traffic leading up to Thanksgiving Day in 2012, with more than 7.9 million visits on the day before Thanksgiving alone. The result is a robust online community that attracts a steady revenue stream from satisfied advertisers.
Project type:
Databases or Data Warehouse, Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
Sales, Customer Service or Support, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Jeff Willis, VP of Technology
Stan Pavlovsky, President_
Seattle, Wash.
Media (e.g. Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising or PR)
Revenue (2012):
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