2013 Winner Profile


Project Description:
ARI's Enterprise Telematics project aggregates, correlates and normalizes data captured by automotive telematics devices, allowing a fleet manager to see all aspects of fleet costs: the vehicle, the driver and the trip. An ARI client can track and analyze all vehicle and driver data, and then produce reports that help it to optimize vehicle usage, reduce vehicle downtime, mitigate risk factors and identify cost-reduction opportunities. What's more, ARI can do this in a way that is vendor-, vehicle- and device- agnostic. Within two years, revenues from the program covered ARI's initial investment. The company now has more than 35 customers on the program, accounting for more than 10,000 fleet vehicles. ARI's Tech Advisory team has engaged in more than 500 consultative projects with clients and is actively working with more than 70 telematics companies.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Databases or Data Warehouse, Mobile or Wireless
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, Supply Chain or Logistics, Order Processing or Fulfillment
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Steve Haindl, SVP & CIO
Carl Ortell, President
Mount Laurel, N.J.
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
Revenue (2012):
$1.2 billion
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