2013 Winner Profile

BMC Software, Inc.

Project Description:
BMC Software launched a "Going Social" initiative that featured the deployment of Salesforce.com's Chatter tool across the enterprise. Chatter provides Facebook-like capabilities to employees, allowing them to share work-related information about themselves, create personal blogs, join groups with common interests and share documents. About 90 percent of BMC's global 6,600 employees currently log onto Chatter and more than 1,000 unique Chatter groups are currently active. Adoption rates have been so high in part due to a viral, bottom-up deployment strategy. The company targeted prospective evangelists at the lowest level of an individual department and leveraged their knowledge to seed prototype Chatter groups. As buzz about the new social tool spread throughout the company and employees clamored to participate, according to BMC. The company believes Chatter has played a critical role in improving business metrics such as new bookings, product defect rates and on-time delivery.
Project type:
Collaboration Tools, Content or Document Management, Videoconferencing or Telepresence
Business Functions:
Product Development, Sales, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Mark Settle, CIO
Bob_ Beauchamp_, Chairman & CEO
Houston, Texas
Computer Software
Revenue (2012):
$2.1 billion
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