2013 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Boeing's ThreatNavigator is an incident management system that provides the company with early warning of critical risks, including HAZMAT incidents and severe weather like superstorm Sandy. The system gives Boeing the ability to overlay real-time risk and threat data with Boeing assets, helping to keep people, property and the supply chain safe. Data from internal and external sources, combined with geospatial data from Google, provides the foundation for the Web-based system. Wtih all this information displayed graphically as icons on a map, responders can make informed decisions after only a glance. Response times have decreased substantially and real-time data during crises enables emergency responders to adjust their approach and strategy on the fly.
Project type:
Collaboration Tools, Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
IT Operations, Other
Business Goal:
Security, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management
Kim Hammonds, CIO
W. James McNerney, Chairman, President & CEO
Chicago, Ill.
Aerospace or Defense Contractor
Revenue (2012):
$81.7 billion
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