2013 Winner Profile

Clarus Marketing Group, Inc.

Project Description:
Clarus Marketing Group, which produces subscription products, free shipping programs and customer loyalty solutions for retailers and e-commerce, devised a product framework that allows the company to launch and optimize full-featured subscription programs and customer loyalty programs more efficiently, effectively and quickly. The framework allows the company's development teams to build a single user interface that displays on all screen sizes, thus eliminating the need to spend extra time and resources building separate mobile products. Moreover, because of the use of intelligent APIs, the platform can plug into any retailer's website regardless of what technology it was built on. The platform contains dashboards along with analytics capabilities that allow the company's finance and client-services teams to quickly gauge how products are performing so they can give near real-time feedback to clients and make informed decisions to improve performance.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Mobile or Wireless
Business Functions:
Product Development, Order Processing or Fulfillment, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact or Competitive Advantage
Nathan Dudek, VP of Software Services
Tom Caporaso, CEO
Middletown, Conn.
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
Revenue (2012):
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