2013 Winner Profile

The Corporation of the City of Brampton

Project Description:
The city wanted a fire information system that would work in the field even offline, be easy for nontechnical firefighters to use, and integrate with the city's geographic information systems (GIS) data, since maps and structural details are important information during a fire. No existing product met these requirements, so the city created its own Fire Pre-Plan Builder, using customized Visual Fusion GIS technology combined with SAP Crystal Reports and the city's own data. It lets firefighters build robust pre-incident plans using station computers, then store those plans as PDF files and upload them to fire truck mobile data units for use in the field. So far, the system has met with enthusiasm from firefighters, with one district chief commenting, "This tool is going to save firefighters' lives."
Project type:
Collaboration Tools, Databases or Data Warehouse, Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
IT Operations
Business Goal:
Social Impact
Karthi Bala, Interim CIO
Susan Fennell, Mayor
Brampton, Ontario
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
Revenue (2012):
$408 million
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