2013 Winner Profile

Dubai Aluminium

Project Description:
Dubai Aluminium sought to minimize costly product damage caused during the smelting process by better using the company's rich information repository, so it started its Noor Program (noor means light or clarity in Arabic). The company formed a team of cross-functional experts from operations, finance and IT to define the project's scope and deliverables. The project's first phase focused on dashboard delivery and representation of information in visual format. Next, the project emphasized using information for process improvements, cost reduction and increases in sales based on trend and sensitivity analysis. This system, which helps the company's operational staff analyze the reasons for damage, has produced a dramatic reduction in damage during smelting, which in turn has yielded cost savings.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, Manufacturing
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Ahmad M. Almulla, VP of IT
Abdulla Kalban, President & CEO
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Revenue (2012):
$2.65 billion
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