2013 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Emerson developed and deployed Emerson Provisioning and Infrastructure Control (EPIC) to better manage its complex IT operations. EPIC enables IT managers to assess capacity, risk and performance within each of the company's key data centers. EPIC collects data from all IT functions and filters it through a proprietary algorithm to develop calculated reports. The system also helps IT and data center managers determine how best to make decisions for increased productivity and efficiency with reduced risk. EPIC also automates the provisioning of data center services and provides information that helps IT and business managers make decisions about incremental increases in bandwidth to ensure that all business processes are delivered with a high level of resiliency and quality. The system notifies managers when processes are slow and less efficient due to capacity constraints. In all, EPIC saved Emerson 44,000 man-hours of work in the past two years.
Project type:
Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
IT Operations
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Kathy McElligott, VP & CIO
David Farr, Chariman & CEO
St. Louis, Mo.
Revenue (2012):
$24.4 billion
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