2013 Winner Profile

Ft. Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.

Project Description:
To provide services to patients in remote communities and improve in-house capabilities, the hospital undertook a major technology overhaul, including upgrading its LAN/WAN, data center, firewalls and VPN; setting up wireless VoIP and video; and implementing backup and stronger encryption. The improved technology made a big difference during a tuberculosis outbreak, when it was imperative for hospital staff to get out into the community, identify infected residents and treat them before the disease spread out of control. The hospital provided remote communications and a mobile X-ray unit, screening about 350 people and streaming the images back for viewing by radiologists. This led to speedy diagnosis of many non-infectious patients and the treatment of one infectious patient who might otherwise have gone undiagnosed. In the next phase of the project, the hospital will provide telemedicine to people in remote areas via live interactive video and remote patient monitoring.
Project type:
Security Technologies, Virtualization: Server
Business Functions:
IT Operations
Business Goal:
Social Impact
Virgil Chavez, Director of IT Services
Leland Leonard, CEO
Fort Defiance, Ariz.
Revenue (2012):
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