2013 Winner Profile

Intel Corp.

Project Description:
Intel has built a Security Business Intelligence (SBI) platform to enable the company to use big data and advanced analytics to improve its ability to predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberthreats and privacy incidents. The SBI platform performs real-time correlation of big data to detect security threats faster, increasing the company's ability to intervene quickly and reducing its exposure to risk. Using this platform, Intel can monitor traffic from its servers to detect data transfer abnormalities and send alerts to security responders. With SBI and other controls in place, Intel's malware infection rate is less than 1 percent.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Databases or Data Warehouse, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Security, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management
Kim Stevenson, VP & CIO
Brian Krzanich, CEO
Santa Clara, Calif.
Computer Hardware
Revenue (2012):
$53.0 billion
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