2013 Winner Profile

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning of Chile

Project Description:
Chile's Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning launched TuCasaA1click, an online platform that simplifies the process citizens use to apply for housing subsidies. Using Web services, TuCasaA1click gathers relevant information from government agencies and major financial institutions to help citizens apply and qualify for housing subsidies. Once collected, data is then transferred to a back-office system where eligible applicants are selected and then notified via personalized email. Designed in three months using Kanban, an agile software development methodology, TuCasaA1click has helped eliminate applicant paperwork and cut application completion time from 7 hours to 20 minutes. What's more, TuCasaA1click's inherent flexibility has enabled the ministry to easily apply changes in housing policy.
Project type:
Business Process Management, Customer Service or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Order Processing or Fulfillment, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Piero Gecele, Chief of the IT Division
Rodrigo P_rez Mackenna, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning
Santiago, Chile
Government: Federal (including Military)
Revenue (2012):
$3.2 billion
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