2013 Winner Profile

Network Rail

Project Description:
The Intelligent Infrastructure program supports remote monitoring of the condition of this Great Britain railway infrastructure so train maintenance engineers can predict failures, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce staff exposure to safety risks. Rather than wait for a mechanical failure to occur, the program uses sensors to gather, collate and report information on the condition of everything from a train's electrical insulation to signalling circuits-elements vital to the safe operation of trains. More than 9,500 data loggers distributed across the railway over a wireless data network deliver real-time information to maintenance engineers. Alarms are delivered immediately when a potential fault begins to develop, enabling engineers to rapidly diagnose and fix the faltering asset before it fails. The program has significantly reduced on-site visits for engineers and has prevented 345,000 minutes of train delay for passengers, while improving safety and efficiency and cutting cost.
Project type:
Business Process Management, Mobile or Wireless, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance, Customer Service or Support, Engineering
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Susan Cooklin, CIO
David Higgins, CEO
London, England
Revenue (2012):
$9.743 billion
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