2013 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Nielsen's Audience Measurement for iPad measures and reports the audiences of television content distributed via iPad. By encoding content with the same audio watermarking technology used for television, Nielsen's system can identify and track content distributed via iPad from its origin to its final destination. Nielsen then combines this data with a centralized media intelligence system to provide insights into audience demographics and behavior at the app, program and episode levels. A Nielsen-controlled online portal ensures that demographic and panelist identification is delivered securely and all data is encrypted until it reaches the secure Nielsen processing facility. By providing behavioral insights across mobile devices, Nielsen plans to provide a revenue source for new video providers, television networks and advertisers.
Project type:
Business Process Management, Collaboration Tools, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
New Product/Market, Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact or Competitive Advantage
Shankar Iyer, Chief Engineer
Dave Calhoun, CEO
New York, N.Y.
Media (e.g. Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising or PR)
Revenue (2012):
$5.6 billion
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