2013 Winner Profile

Pitt Ohio

Project Description:
Pitt Ohio Express designed SafetyBox, a Web-based safety, compliance and risk-management system that monitors the safety performance of the company's commercial drivers through data and predictive analytics. Driver information, including accident reports and safety scores, is stored in the application so users can track, manage, predict and report on drivers' overall safety performance. Eeach driver is ranked based on seven evaluation areas so quality standards can be maintained. Because predictive analytical capabilities have been built into the system, SafetyBox also issues alerts via text and email so that potentially dangerous situations can be dealt with immediately through targeted training, accident avoidance and remedial action. By combining driver information with HR, legal, compliance and training data, Safety Box provides a more comprehensive view of driver performance so Pitt Ohio can reduce the costs associated with accidents and workers' compensation. This integrated approach has helped reduce safety team staffing and decreased workers' compensation claim counts by 22 percent.
Project type:
Business Intelligence
Business Functions:
Supply Chain or Logistics
Business Goal:
Social Impact
Scott Sullivan, CIO & CFO
Charles Hammel III, President & Owner
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Revenue (2012):
$375 million
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