2013 Winner Profile

Sappi Fine Paper North America

Project Description:
In a paper plant, defects or buildup in the production of coated paper can cause the calendar roll which smoothes the paper to fail. That means project down time, and it increases the risk of worker injury as the heavy steel roll is replaced. Sappi Fine Paper's new Smart Camera system can identify defects on sheets of paper 20 feet wide traveling at 3,000 feet per minute. When the system identifies a risk, pressure on calendar roll is lift to prevent damage, and a pop-up alert appears on the operator's screen. An image of the defect is stored for analysis by operators and engineers. The result is a 70-percent decrease in roll failures, and 30 hours less down time in 2012 compared to 2011.
Project type:
Databases or Data Warehouse, Security Technologies, Virtualization: Storage
Business Functions:
Manufacturing, Order Processing or Fulfillment
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Anne Ayer, VP of Corporate Development & CIO
Mark Gardner, President & CEO
Boston, Mass.
Revenue (2012):
$1.4 billion
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