2013 Winner Profile

San Diego County Technology Office

Project Description:
Courtrooms are notoriously paper-intensive places, but the new Justice Electronic Library System at San Diego's juvenile court aims to eliminate paper completely. The county knew that for this idea to work, attorneys and probation officers needed to be able to work with paperless documents in the courtroom as quickly as they could with paper ones-otherwise they would simply print out the documents before hearings. To achieve this efficiency, the system creates an e-Case File for each case, containing documents attorneys and others need, so that they are all in one place and easily found during court proceedings. Documents can be searched by keywords or marked up by attorneys using their laptops in court. The result is $360,000 in cost avoidance, a 50 percent increase in efficiency for support staff and a 25 percent reduction in the time attorneys spend on each case.
Project type:
Business Process Management, Collaboration Tools, Content or Document Management
Business Functions:
Customer Service or Support, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Mikel Haas, CIO
Helen Robbins-Meyer, Chief Administrative Officer
San Diego, Calif.
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
Revenue (2012):
$5.0 billion
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