2013 Winner Profile

Software AG

Project Description:
Some sales proposals win contracts, others don't, but few systems exist for recognizing and taking advantage of the elements of the most successful proposals. Software AG created a system that would help its team identify and use the most successful sales proposals to increase the company's win rate. The RFP Consolidation Platform uses advanced document insight and analytics to track which proposals result in the highest revenue and most sales, identify the most successful proposals and highlight relevant content using KnowledgeTree's cloud-based tools. Useful metadata and tags are added, flagging such things as geography, product type, industry and customer needs. The result: Software AG doubled its RFP account win rate in the first year.
Project type:
Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing Services or Software as a Service (SaaS), Content or Document Management
Business Functions:
Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Mighael Botha, CTO, North America
John Johnson, President & CEO, North America
Reston, Va.
Computer Software
Revenue (2012):
$1.4 billion
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