2013 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Valerus has spread its small, Texas-focused oil and gas equipment and services business across the globe in the past five years, growing from $50 million to $1 billion in annual revenue. Keeping up with this explosive growth and serving customers from Brazil to Thailand posed a huge challenge to the IT team. The solution was Project Whitewater, which had two goals: configure the company's SAP systems so they could be deployed anywhere within 72 hours, and use desktop virtualization to free remote offices from dependence on specific equipment. With the completion of the project, Valerus is no longer shipping computer equipment from Houston to its international offices, with all the hassles and delays that can bring. Because its system is cloud-based, the company simply obtains equipment locally and operates through the cloud. Cloud-based operations also eliminate the need for local data centers or hardware support. The company has reduced its deployment time of standard IT services from an average of eight weeks to four hours.
Project type:
Cloud Computing Services or Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Architecture, Virtualization: Desktop PC
Business Functions:
Accounting & Finance, Manufacturing, Sales
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Christopher Barron, VP & Global CIO
Peter Lane, CEO
Houston, Texas
Mining, Oil or Gas
Revenue (2012):
$1000 million
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