2014 Winner Profile

LG&E and KU Energy, LLC

Project Description:
The utility company created an iPad app that lets patrollers, who check the companyês 5,500 miles of transmission lines from helicopters, input data from the air. For years, electric companies have inspected transmission lines by helicopter, but employees in the Aerial Patrol Department typically took a notebook and paper maps to jot down their observations while flying and only later keyed the information into a computer. The appês main data-collecting screen is synced with a geospatial information system map that has an overlay of the transmission facilities on it. There are buttons next to the map that show problem codes, making it easy for patrollers to indicate what they see or what maintenance is needed at a specific location.
Project type:
Mobile or Wireless, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Asset Management or Maintenance
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Eric Slavinsky, CIO
Vic Staffieri, CEO
Louisville, Ky.
Utilities (Oil, Water, Gas, Electric)
Revenue (2013):
$2.226 billion
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