2014 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Verizon's Mobile Coach application helps call center managers better engage with their teams by using a mobile app that consolidates key performance data. Previously, managers received repsê performance reports from multiple data sources, accessed call recordings through another source, and listened to live calls through another application. Mobile Coach provides access to all key performance data in one location on a mobile platform, hosted on a Windows-based tablet. The application gives managers a view of each team member's current performance and how that performance compares to the team overall. It also helps managers understand all calls their team is handling in real time to drive improved performance. Real-time speech capabilities notify managers of critical customer interactions, and the app allows team leaders to intervene when necessary to keep customers from disconnecting, to fully resolve chronic issues, and to close sales opportunities.
Project type:
Databases or Data Warehouse, Mobile or Wireless
Business Functions:
Sales, Customer Service or Support
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Mahmoud El-Assir, SVP & CIO of the Consumer and Mass Business Group
Lowell McAdam, Chairman & CEO
New York, NY
Revenue (2013):
$120.0 billion
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