2015 Winner Profile


Project Description:
The global management consulting and IT services firm created a professional video production and broadcast capability to connect more than 300,000 Accenture people through live broadcast events. Using telepresence and videoconferencing technology, Accenture Broadcast Services delivers a wide range of events, such as live global broadcasts from the CEO and business unit leads, project group meetings, industry analyst briefings, alumni and recruiting sessions, corporate citizenship and diversity events, and video recordings for a wide range of uses. Accenture leaders can join broadcasts from whatever location is most convenient for them, instead of requiring all presenters to travel to a central location or special studio. The broadcast capability can be used for presentations to win new business, as well as provided as a commercial service to external clients. The broadcast system saves time and travel costs for employees, while helping to reduce travel-related carbon emissions.
Project type:
Collaboration Tools
Business Functions:
Human Resources, Marketing, IT Operations
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Andrew Wilson, CIO
Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO
Dublin, Ireland
Business or Management Services
Revenue (2014):
$31.87 billion
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