2015 Winner Profile

Avnet Inc.

Project Description:
For Avnet, one of the world's largest global technology distributors, the ability to efficiently provide price quotes and process orders is its lifeblood, but it was hampered by an old quoting system for electronic components. Avnet could significantly improve sales and profits if it was able to respond to quote requests faster than its competitors with complete and highly accurate quotes. The business and Avnet's IT team partnered to develop iQuote, a system that features a customized browser, in-memory computing and "intelligent part matching" (which learns from common queries) to speed up search results. The system also provides real-time pricing data, a rules engine and other features to help convert quotes into sales. Avnet reports that iQuote has increased the business' quote-to-order conversion rate by 5 percent and boosted profitability.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Business Process Management
Business Functions:
Sales, Customer Service or Support, Marketing
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Steve Phillips, SVP & CIO
Rick Hamada, CEO
Phoenix, Ariz.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
Revenue (2014):
$27.5 billion
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