2015 Winner Profile

Dell Inc.

Project Description:
Dell IT, Dell Sales and Dell Marketing partnered to build the Marketing Analytics Workbench, a self-service, big-data analytics and business intelligence delivery platform. The system captures a 360-degree view of the customer journey by integrating all online and offline touch points with the technology provider. Dell IT created the Workbench within three months in a hybrid co-development approach. This created new levels of convenience by allowing marketing to get their hands into the data and perform analytics without committing to final report requirements, which would possibly change immediately after delivery because what is important for the business today may change tomorrow. Moreover, the marketing organization can now use the insights to target and personalize interactions throughout the customer's media and channel experience.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Databases or Data Warehouse, Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
Business Goal:
Customer Impact
Paul J. Walsh, CIO
Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO
Round Rock, Texas
Computer Hardware
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