2015 Winner Profile

Enterprise Integration

Project Description:
This managed IT services company developed an expert system, dubbed Digital Robotics, that works as a virtual systems engineer to automatically respond to business technology events by gathering data from disparate systems to make informed decisions and take corrective action. Hundreds of alerts that once required hands-on attention from expert engineers are now handled immediately -- often before they affect the company's clients. Digital Robotics can execute hundreds of automated tasks for each customer to provide common maintenance, documentation, audit and compliance services. For example, the expert system can identify and remediate network bandwidth problems or a server infected with malware -- within seconds. The engineers who were previously resolving repetitive issues are now able to focus on innovation. The automation allows the company to compete with offshore providers, while also increasing client satisfaction and employee job satisfaction.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Business Process Management, Databases or Data Warehouse
Business Functions:
IT Operations
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Kevin Batchelor, CIO
Michael E. Locher, President & CEO
Jacksonville, Fla.
Business or Management Services
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