2015 Winner Profile

Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Project Description:
Freescale, a provider of secure embedded processors, takes pride in having a culture that supports rapid innovation and community involvement. Its IT team is supports that culture with several programs and events, including a 2014 IT Hackathon, during which Freelift was born. The Freelift mobile application helps Freescale employees find and connect with colleagues interested in ride-sharing to and from work. FreeLift was prototyped by a group of student interns who brought first-hand experience with the struggles of finding transportation to work. The prototype was turned over to a small group of IT developers, who then released the production version two weeks later using rapid prototyping, reusable Web services and modern software development techniques. To mark Freescale's commitment to local corporate citizenship, the FreeLift project was launched to coincide with Freescale's participation as a business leader in the Austin (Texas) 20/20 Mobility Solutions Initiatives. This program focuses on reducing the traffic gridlock in Austin by 20 percent by the year 2020.
Project type:
Enterprise Architecture
Business Functions:
Human Resources
Business Goal:
Societal Impact
Karen Rapp, VP & CIO
Gregg Lowe, President & CEO
Austin, Texas
Revenue (2014):
$4.63 billion
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