2015 Winner Profile

Hearst Newspapers

Project Description:
The CircBI project's business purpose was to provide a single source of accurate data that had common business rules across the organization, regardless of which tools were used by the user community to assess the data. Like at other large enterprises, a key challenge was the overwhelming number of data sources and sometimes the differences between them. In order to overcome these challenges, the initiative was designed to standardize the way the data was defined, understood, implemented and accessed by the user community via dashboards or reporting tools. This strategy allowed for the common agreement of the base rules that defined the business data. What makes this solution unique is that this project was able to overcome numerous enterprisedata challenges using proven technologies, without adding additional risks related to technologies that could be difficult to learn, support and maintain.
Project type:
Business Intelligence or Data Analytics, Databases or Data Warehouse, Virtualization
Business Functions:
Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Sales
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact or Competitive Advantage
Michael Fogel, VP of Technology Development
Steven Swartz, President & CEO, Hearst Corp.
New York, N.Y.
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